Sheleasoun: Book 1 of Beneath the Echoes of Memory

A light fantasy adventure novel by Brandy Wayne.

Classification: Fantasy/Teen Fantasy

Appropriate for Teens and Adults, some older children

Darra dreams of breaking out of her stifling life, but when her home is attacked, her parents taken, and she discovers she's inherited a "gift" which could get her killed, she embarks on a mission that will change her life forever - and her place in the world around her.

Accompanied by woodsmen as odd as she is, she discovers that friends can be your enemies, power can be circumvented, and the villains in the stories her father told her as a child are nothing compared to the monsters that roam the land on two legs.

And there are miracles.

Phase 5 Elements:

Magic 6

Another World 11

Supernatural 8

Classification: Fantasy/Teen Fantasy

Appropriate for Teens and Adults: Non-graphic Violence & Death, Infrequent Mild Cursing

ISBN: 978-0-9835795-1-9 Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9835795-0-2 e-book

Content Warnings: Non-graphic violence & death; Infrequent mild cursing

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Brandy Wayne is a husband and wife team residing in Hampshire County, West Virginia, USA, who enjoy reading, hiking, travel, period clothing, collecting swords, art, photography, cooking, fine ales and writing, writing, writing.

They graduated Hampshire High School and attended Davis & Elkins College before starting a family.

Author of Sheleasoun: Book 1 of Beneath the Echos of Memory, a light fantasy adventure novel


Tesa Gunawen is a resident of Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia, and enjoys drawing traditional and digital art, reading fantasy novels, detective novels and history books.

She has a Bachelor of Art from Maranatha Christian University, and works as a freelance illustrator.

Artist of Darra, the cover art for Sheleasoun: Book 1 of Beneath the Echoes of Memory series.

Other publications: See her Deviant Art page for more

Other work for sale on: Vampire Bride as jigsaw puzzle on Peter Pauper Press; Cover book design on Dastan Publishing; Commissions on DeviantArt.