Retailers: We are distributed by Ingram/Lightning Source for our print distribution. Ebooks will be available through Ingram soon. We are also pleased to work with independent stores directly (comic shops, game shops, independent booksellers, and others) on a variety of arrangements. Please contact Management with inquiries.

Phase 5 Publishing, small publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Phase 5 publishes authors with or without a proven track record, prior experience, or agents. Phase 5 publishes interesting speculative fiction stories, regardless of length. No romance in sci-fi skin. No political drama thinly veiled as fantasy. No agendas disguised as horror.

Phase 5 publishes art that depicts other worlds, other beings, other realities, internal and external.

Phase 5 offers entertainment which is sometime light, sometimes thought provoking, irrelevant of trends, whims, public conformity or other hazards to enjoyment. Current offerings include coming of age fantasy, zero-g noir, monogender superscience potential universe, mutable reality love story (not a girly romance), interdimensional invasion, doomed planetary colonization, supervillain biography, and science fiction and fantasy short stories from European and American authors covering post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy/supernatural, atypical planetary colonization.

Some of our books include situations and cultures that are offensive. Good for you, if you find those elements offensive. It's okay to write about, read about, think about, talk about offensive things. That is how we grow and understand, that is how we solve problems. That also creates conflict and obstacles, without which stories are boring. Each book contains a content warning so if you know something will bother you to the point of not enjoying the book, don't buy that book.

Currently Phase 5 consists of one iron woman, do everything, crazy lady. There have been others involved in the past, but not currently. If you want to be a part of Phase 5 in some capacity, please contact Management (form below).

Phase 5 is currently not taking Submissions while a massive reorganization effort is underway. Life has beaten me up a bit the past five years, and I've fallen behind, out of touch, and for that I apologize. But I'm getting better.

Any other questions? Ask Management. (Alas, not a dragon in the basement.)