Thank you for your interest in working with Phase 5. From here you can access information and resources specifically for creators interested in submitting work to Phase 5 for publication and creators responding to a Call for Submissions. Please take time to read this page and linked Guidelines and Overview. I know that's time and effort, but I am going to be taking the time to read your work, so it's only polite you take the first step in determining if I am offering something you want, and you have something I want.

Phase 5 accepts static art and fiction submissions of any length in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. I am always accepting submissions, but submissions will likely not be reviewed right away. I queue unsolicited submissions for review and review them one at a time. I don't have interns or staff to do this for me, and I do it thoughtfully, so it takes time, and there are always several submissions in the queue. Please be patient, and please let me know if you accept an offer before you get a response from me.

My goal is to help authors and artists get published, so in addition to publishing work that is deemed ready, I want to help authors and artists get their work to a point that it is ready for publication. To that end, I review the entire work, and provide feedback on the work whether it is accepted for publication or not. I feel that it is infinitely unhelpful to simply respond to a submission with "cannot accept" or "not for us" without some specific indication of what did not meet my requirements.

I also provide resources I believe would be helpful to authors and artists, and on occasions will note other opportunities that may be available. Once an author or artist has been published with Phase 5, I will also provide them with information on other opportunities I come across. I try to support Phase 5 creators in any way possible, because I want everyone I work with to experience success and achieve their creative goals.


(PDF) An Overview of how Phase 5 works, how I pay, and what you can expect from me.


(PDF) What I want (and don't want) to see in a submission, and what I generally feel makes art and fiction successful.


The form for submitting your work to Phase 5 is at the bottom of this page. Please read the Guidelines first.

RESOURCES: (under construction)

Websites, links and other information I feel artists and authors may find useful or informative.

BLOG AND NEWSLETTER: (under construction)

Updates on our Publication Queue and our Review Queue, as well as other news relating to our creators, calls for submissions, new products available, and news tidbits I think may be of interest to the speculative fiction community.


A list of specific projects for which Phase 5 is accepting submissions will be set out here as projects are announced.

Please review the Guidelines to make sure your work is ready for submission and adheres to the content and quality standards, then submit a completed submission form for each work you would like to submit to Phase 5 for publication consideration. Once you have submitted your information via the form, you will receive instructions on where to send your manuscript or art piece (you do not attach it to the form).

Please note it will take some time to review fiction submissions, I have a lengthy queue already. Unlike most publishers, I read at least a goodly portion of all submissions, which is mostly unsolicited submissions. This takes time. Your patience is appreciated.