eden succeeding

Eden Succeeding

Eden Succeeding is a first-hand chronicle of a doomed human colony on another planet, by Christopher L. DelGuercio.

They came to Second Eden with expectations, with hopes and dreams. They knew it would be hard work, especially at first. But they never considered what dangers a planet so full of life might harbor.

Pushed to the edge by watching those around them fall prey to the insidious planet, the colonists in turn push their willingness to believe beyond sensible bounds. Lacking suitable weapons to fight the creeping illness within and the lurking dangers without, desperation leads them to a dangerous theory.

As the Cardinal seeks to enforce her solution, the Meatman must decide how far he is willing to go to save them all.

But Eden has its own plan for the colonists… and the Meatman.

Phase 5 Elements:

Alien Planet 35

Colony 303

Transmutation 195

Classification: Horror/Science Fiction

Appropriate for Mature Teen and Adult readers: violence; death of creatures and teens; mutation; suggested insanity; mental manipulation

ISBN: 978-1-942342-83-0 Kindle e-book

Other formats forthcoming, and Eden Succeeding is included in 3 Tales of Horror with two other horror novellas, available in a variety of formats.

Content Warnings: violence; death of creatures and teens; mutation; suggested insanity; mental manipulation


Eden Succeeding was first released by Twenty or Less Press in 2014, and was nominated for CNY Book of the Year Award in 2014. The following praise was received:

“Chris DelGuercio has crafted a fascinating dystopia in Eden Succeeding, wonderfully describing a world that feels like an H.R. Giger painting. I am eager to read more from this upcoming author.

-David Peters, editor, Fried Fiction

“The classic sci-fi trope -- Earthlings colonizing an alien planet -- finds new life in Christopher DelGuercio's debut novella which offers a fresh, provocative, and chilling take on what it means to be human. From the ties that bind husband and wife to the concept of survival at all costs, DelGuercio superimposes society's most difficult ethical dilemmas onto a world in which change is the only constant -- and places its moral compass in the stained and reluctant hands of The Meatman, a hero whose voice rings heartbreaking and true. While justice on this brave new world may be up for grabs, if there's any justice here on Earth this edition will be the first of many subsequent visits to DelGuercio's dangerous and seductive Eden.”

-Linda Lowen, award-winning author, columnist, and contributor to MSN.com and About.com

“A positively excellent (story) . . . kinky and evocative . . . without a single padded scene or wasted sentence . . . It’s fast, fun action, but it ain’t just filler. Every scene builds on the previous and informs the upcoming . . . The main characters are believable and nuanced and (DelGuercio) manages to create emotional investment within the framework of a sci-fi thriller. No small feat. I’m impressed . . . DelGuercio is one bright spot on a plate on nori. He’s like salmon roe.”

-TQR Stories

“Christopher DelGuercio’s novelette, Eden Succeeding, is a chilling and creative work of speculative fiction. Full of luscious detail, disturbing and disturbed characters, and a haunting sense of dread that lingers long after the book is set safely on the shelf, Eden succeeds, not only in completely engaging its readers but also by leaving them yearning for more.”

-Megan Davidson, author of The Thundering, Once a Rogue and The Song Within


Christopher L. DelGuercio is a Resident of upstate New York, where he enjoys spending time with his son, reading, attending film festivals, disc golfing, listening to music, and laughing with friends and family.

He is a graduate of The State University of New York at Oswego and current faculty member at The Downtown Writers Center of Syracuse as a fiction instructor.

He can be found on Facebook, or lurking in the dark places of his mind.

Other publications: Blood, Blade & Thruster; Chaos Theory: Tales Askew; Fried Fiction; Parade of Phantoms; Quantum Muse; Space Westerns; Kaleidotrope; OG’s Speculative Fiction; Forbidden Speculation; and Tabloid Purposes IV.


Bill Wright makes his home in Berlin, MD and has been creating science fiction hardware and astronomical art for many years. With a science background and a Bachelors degree in microbiology, some of Bill's work deals with the representation and discovery of alien life forms. His spacecraft and stations seem realistic and plausible in design, finding beauty in the functional. His work has been published by The Planetery Society and used in promotional campaigns for The National Space Society.

You can find more of his work at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/bill-wright.html

For more info contact: willard.wright@mchsi.com