Karsten & Pat Memories

Sadly, two long-term active members of the PEC community passed away since the last in-person conference in 2019. We will celebrate them at PEC 2022.

Professor in the Department of Physics

The University of New Hampshire

Professor in the Department of Chemistry

Iowa State University

Thursday Morning Memorial Session

The Thursday, 9 June session will be dedicated to Karsten and Pat and consist of special presentations from family, colleagues, friends, and students.

Jim Hannon (IBM Quantum)

"Quantitative Analysis of LEEM Images: the genesis of “LEEM-IV”"

Shawna Hollen (University of New Hampshire)

"Remembering a mentor: from building community to solving lab mysteries"

Zhongwei Dai

"Crystal lattice of two dimensional quantum systems"

Philip Hofmann (Aarhus University, Denmark)

"Surface Structure and Core Level Spectroscopy"

Jim W Evans (Iowa State University) "Formation and coarsening of metal nanoclusters at surfaces: Predictive modeling inspired by Thiel group experiments"

Dapeng Jing (Iowa State University)

"Unusual flat and extended morphology of encapsulated Cu under MoS2"

Michael Trenary (University of Illinois Chicago)

"Single-Atom Alloys: Surface Structure from Adsorbed CO and Selective Hydrogenation Reactions"

Yousoo Kim (RIKEN and University of Tokyo, Japan)

What I have learned from Thiel-sensei and single-molecule spectroscopy with STM