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  • Weber, K., Mejía Ramos, J. P., & Volpe, T. (in press). An empirical investigation into the relationship between proof and certainty in mathematical practice. To appear in Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. [preprint]


  • Mejía Ramos, J. P., Evans, T., Rittberg, C., & Inglis, M. (2021). Mathematicians’ assessments of the explanatory value of proofs. Axiomathes. Advance online publication.


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  • Czocher, J. & Weber, K. (2020). Proof as a cluster concept. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 51(1), 50-74.


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  • ULTRA. Upgrading Learning for Teachers in Real Analysis is an NSF-funded collaborative project to design, implement, and assess an innovative real analysis course for pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. [site]