Thinking about graduate study in undergraduate mathematics education?

If you would like to join our group as a doctoral student, you should apply to the PhD program in Education at Rutgers Graduate School of Education (concentration: Learning, Cognition, Instruction, and Development; specialty: Mathematics Education). You can find information about this program in its brochure and website. You may also apply online!

Looking for research opportunities as an undergraduate student?

If you are a mathematics major with a strong background on proof, or a psychology major interested in research in undergraduate mathematics education, we may offer you an opportunity to participate in a variety of research activities, such as:

  • programming experiments
  • recruiting participants
  • collecting video-data
  • coding and analyzing data
  • attending our bi-weekly research meetings

Students typically work for credit, but there are some funding opportunities.

Would you like to be a paid participant in one of our studies?

We are constantly conducting empirical studies involving the participation of mathematics students and research active mathematicians. If you would like to participate in one or more of our studies, please contact us.