PCCEA is using a communication platform called Discord. Please join us in a fun and informative space where faculty can meet, hangout together, and get information from PCCEA.

You do not have to be a PCCEA member to joining us in Discord. All faculty are welcome as long as they follow the rules. Our Discord server is not in any way affiliated with Pima Community College. It is meant to be a safe space for faculty to communicate.

The Rules of Discord

1. Be kind and courteous - We are all in this together to create an environment to share conversations. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required

2. Watch your identity - We encourage you to adopt a username that will not reveal your identity. Be mindful of the information you post to not make your information easily identifiable unless you wish it to be.

3. Group Privacy - By participating in this group, you agree to protect the privacy of other group members. Please do not share any personal information you learn from this forum with people outside the group. That means no "sharing" posts and no screenshots without getting the express permission of the person who posted the original content. That being said, nobody should share information they are not comfortable with strangers seeing.

4. Group Content - If you are concerned about sharing a post or asking a question, please email one of the admins. We can post anonymously on your behalf so the group can weigh in on your question.

Using Discord

PCCEA Discord Instructions

Joining our Discord Server

These are the complete instructions for getting started with Discord. Please note, Discord is completely free. You do not need the Nitro version.

  • It is available on computers - both Mac and Windows

  • And it is available on most smart mobile devices. Simply check the App Store for your device and search for Discord.

  • You will find your invite link is posted in the instruction document

  • You must be a faculty member at Pima and not hold a Staff or Administrative position to join us. This is a faculty-only server.

  • If you have not set up your account, you will be prompted to do so when you click that link.

More Discord Resources - Just in Case

Over and above the step How to Steps provided, here are a few extra web resources to help you set up your Discord:

Discord for Beginners

Mobile App for Beginners