Board Elections

Fall 2022

Two PCC Governing Board seats are up for election in November 2022:

The PCCEA Executive Board has endorsed one candidate for each seat, and we could use your help to spread the word!

District 2: Theresa Riel

Theresa is retired math faculty from Pima community college with a passion for keeping Pima impactful to our community and holding administration accountable for their financial choices. As former math faculty she wants the data supporting decisions to make sense. See for more.

Arizona Daily Star Local Opinion:
PCC faculty association proudly endorses Theresa Riel

District 4: Greg Taylor

Greg has family ties to PCC faculty and has had experience on governing boards structured similar to ours. He wants to strengthen PCC as a change agent for those in poverty here in Tucson, and he is willing to hold PCC administration accountable for consensus building with employees. See for more.

Get Involved

As citizens, we are empowered to shape decisions at our College when we exercise our democratic rights and elect Board members who support us in our work, provide diligent oversight, and are accountable to the community. Please exercise your voice, and consider donating to the candidate's campaigns through their websites or to Educators for Pima, our association's political action committee. PCCEA supports candidates who will be effective advocates for students, faculty, and public higher education. A strong community college system requires active and ongoing support from citizens.