Support for Education

It is only natural for anyone who earns well to give and educate a child they know of. Doing this can change the life of a child and bring him a different status. The child will change the status of his family and his family the status of his/her community. Your money or your time can make a huge impact and this project is never too "old style" that it be discarded!!

We have made a small preference of donating for higher studies since support in that stage is lesser in our Indian setup. While Slovakia and some other countries have made Education until Graduation free for all, India is still lagging behind..

So have fun educating someone you know, especially their higher education.

NIOS Study Materials - English - Secondary


Lesson 26 Secondary NIOS English Lesson

Audio by Indu Priya.. A few videos are available on payanmaram youtube channel too..

Hear a small piece of his music on Youtube

In Pictures: Sadako Sasaki