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We gather information on various Government schemes or notifications that the beneficiary public should be aware of. Getting such information from the Government and making it available to the General public, we believe can cause a significant impact. We sometimes get it simply on request or through RTI applications. Please understand that there cannot be any single hero or heroine who knows it all. Not knowing is completely normal and does not make you or anyone small. All you have to do is, find out how? find out why? find out where? What's going on? And all of that..

On Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Exams - Tamil Nadu (TN)

A short conversation with a Section Engineer, Railways who cleared upto 7 exams in a go and chose to go with the Railways.. on how young aspires can prepare for these exams and clear them successfully. The details on exams, their applications for various posts can be viewed on this Tamil-English website


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On Education related Schemes - Karnataka (KA)

On Ration Card, Pension & other Schemes under SAKALA - Karnataka (KA)

Anganwadi Timetable and Food Menu Details - In-house and Take-home -KA

Some Anganwadis functioning inside slums, do not maintain the right time. This often leads to women or older siblings unemployed or out of school to take care of these younger siblings. The Anganwadi timings have been already made to match the school timing. Also, an Anganwadi gives take-home ration which includes even milk powder which could keep children off begging, if facilities are used properly. Not distributing the accurately assigned ration is very common in many Anganwadis. An aware parent can get the benefits they should rightfully to get.


NEET Free Coaching Centers - 412 Centers - Tamil Nadu (TN)


Procedure to apply for Caste Certificate with/without usual documents - KA


Reporting procedures for Out of School Children/Dropouts via CIVIC org