Reading With Children

Reiterating, education is the only remedy to all social evils.. So we believe. The goal of education, eventually needs to be, morality, in addition to building knowledge. Stories alone can ensure that. Stories can unwind a wonderful world to the child. Stories are the only way to learn with fun. Stories are the way to loving one's language. Stories are all. We would want to take this world of stories to every child in our neighbourhood and build strong and brave children with every wonderful value that will be envied upon.

In places where Reading Rooms are not feasible, the project targets to engage with children in public spaces after school hours.

Seasonal Internship Programmes at our Reading Room

We thank interns Devakrishna, Gautham Krishna, Manav Harit for helping our children and youth understand the ABC's of Computers... We are happy to see the way they have thought deeply about the issues. While we disagree with some views, we strongly believe that this 'independence of thought process' has always been the most essential outcome of real education.. And our disagreements aren't right all the time!:)

Report by Interns who conducted a Computer Crash Course

கதை விழா (Story Festival) at Chennai High School, Kamaraj Avenue, Chennai