Let There Be Justice

To ensure peace, justice must prevail. If the justice the justice system was functioning smoothly and equally for all, there wouldn't be so much sorrow in this world. We intend to take up projects in this space gradually.

People need to, from time to time assert their place in the democracy. Petitions are the easiest and quickest way to do it. To ask our elected representatives to do something about the issues we see around us and hear about it is key to any change. We, as responsible citizens, need to exercise this right from time to time without negativity. Stay positive and keep signing... Your signatures are very important... Yes, we are aware of the pathetic situation around us, and we choose to stay steady and keep asking in all possible ways..

Our Petitions

Gender Equality: Making public the details of ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) and LCC (Local Complaints Committee) and more

SLP report.pdf

We are happy to release the ICC Data Collection report by Volunteer Interns from Christ University. The students have pulled out the ICC information as published in the websites of these colleges. AICTE norms prescribe publishing of this sensitive information on their college portal. The web address were taken from MHRD's KnowYourCollege Portal. We thank the teams for their wonder job.

Thank you, Team!

Noopur Vasandani, Devanshi Garg, Mridul Palsapure, Niharika Satish, Sohail Masood, Meghna Dembla, Rohan Singh Rajesh

SLP (Bangalore Rural) (1).pdf
SLP (Bangalore Urban).pdf

I request all Commissions and the Know Your College portal people to consider it a high priority and provide a list of these Internal Complaints Committee in public domain, easily available and accessible to the student victim.

Many college websites do not reveal such information in their public portals. Some colleges do not even have a public website. Emails and helplines are an easier way for children and students to report. Not giving such options and not explicitly showcasing these processes in college premises as posters and orientation prorgammes is a grave lapse we are doing despite giving them some legal right to battle such evils. Ten years back when I was studying, the case was the same and even today it is still so. That is a very sad thing.

We seek to understand the escalation mechanisms as well in cases where an Internal Committee cannot be trusted at all owing to the people involved in such act. Kindly give us and children a lot more clarity, ease of access and immediate action to make ICC available in public domain. And the way further up. Read More and sign this petition...

Gender Equality: Marginalized, especially single women of Jeedimara Slum, BG Road, Bangalore

GDMara Slum (Jeedimara Slum), on Bannerghatta Road (Near Jayadeva Flyover) has been sanctioned a third Anganwadi. However, due to want of space, the Anganwadi has not yet been opened though sanctioned. And no teachers or helpers appointed to pursue the task. Anganwadi norms require children to be in the age group of 3-6 years. And there is no flexibility of time like given by Rajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme. Attached Link: Rajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme. Also, only this mentioned scheme and not the Anganwadi permits children of Age Group 6 months to 6 years to avail the day care facility provided by this scheme.

We consider this as a better option to put off the sibling care issue and the sexual exploitation of widows or destitute women that is prevalent in the area. As per our work closely in the area, we see that the women here are not empowered with the necessary child care support systems available for the upper class women due to their financial and/or social backwardness. Power struggles in the area have led to people being eventually victimized with no benefits of the State reaching them. Hence implementing the scheme and creating the necessary mechanism to educate and admit such children of vulnerable women must be taken up by the State with a iron hand and implemented.

A third Creche (more than a creche) is necessary to empower the women in this area and ensure that they do not fall prey to exploitation or poverty..... To Read More and Sign the petition, click the "Sign" button...

Save the Tamil Premises of Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada Govt Aided School, Weaver's Colony, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560083

Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada Primary School was decades back a big school in Weaver's Colony. However, locals say, the school was demolished on the pretext of having been built on Encroached Forest Land and the big school with its nice premises was brought down. The students and locals transformed a Cow Shed (seen in picture) to the Tamil premises of the Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada School while the Kannada premises ran from another tiny location in Weaver's Colony.

In 2015, we saw very poor condition of roof in this premises. We raised donations from neighbouring residential apartments and with free labour from the community youth, we fixed the roof of the school. Last year (2016), this renovated campus was further renovated and repainted by its HM Vijayakumar and the children studying in this campus have been moved to the already congested Kannada premises.

Upon questioning, the parents were told that this academic year(2017), things would be normal, the moving of children was for the purpose of an "upcoming inspection". On questioning this year, the parents have been told that it is being converted to an English medium school. Such exploitation of illiterates and tamil minorities requires severe reprimand.

The local community is trying to reach out to the School Management related people and parents to understand the reality and resolve the issue. They are trying to reach out to supporters but are unable to understand the matter clearly yet. The social workers, community youth and donors associated with the school have already reported these illegal proceedings several times to authorities. SSA has even sent them warning to look into the matter. However, it has not been prioritized and the deceiving continues. I understand that this is illegal.

We request immediate attention to the matter and protection of rights and interests of the Tamil Children. The children must be given back their campus or a better one.

Further, to protect this minority linguistic children's higher education, we request the Education Department to give an additional subject of Tamil in the nearest Government High School as well as any other programmes of improvement.