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Reading Room Project - Bannerghatta Kolifarm Layout

Last 14th April 2017, we started our office cum first Reading Room in Pillaganahalli Village, bannerghatta Kolifarm Layout, Bangalore. A lot of friends and well wishers gave us funds to buy books for this reading room directly and with the help Donate-A-Book Campaign by Pratham Books. We now have over 500+ books and 2 mobile library comprising of 100 books each. Unexpectedly, our regular volunteers, workers and well wishers are unable to contribute consistently to keeping the Reading Room timings intact. And maintaining it is key to proper utilization of all the money and effort that friends of Payanmaram have invested in. Also, considering that it is their effort and time they are spending, be it in the service of the community, we are hoping to give them a small honorarium for their invaluable contribution.

Funds Required

  • Rental Space Estimate (Single Room) - Rs 2000
  • Honorarium for Incharge (to open and supervise reading room for children) - Rs 1000
  • Story Telling Events/Festivals for Children Periodically - Rs 200
  • One Time Advance of Rs 10000

Monthly Estimated Budget: Rs 3200

1 Year Estimate: Rs 38, 400 excluding advance Rs 10000

Funds Raised

[||||||||||||||||||||||---------------------------] 60% Raised [Rs 23200 raised for the 1 year estimate]

Our sincere thanks to our regular donors Aravind, Periasamy, Vidyasakaran, Vimal for the same.

Story Telling Festivals/Awareness Programmes

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Donate Books or donate for books

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Donate for Honorarium for Story Tellers for Reading Sessions with Kids

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Donate towards Projector/Speaker Set for our Reading Room

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Donate towards a youth's education

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Emergency Relief - Medical/Disaster

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