Payanmaram primarily focuses on out of school children from slums and low income groups, who are in dire need of care and protection.

Often, we observe that these children are out of school due to some care and protection issue. These are struggling families, but we trust that children are best placed with their family. We hence work on rehabilitation for these children in their own homes.

We strongly believe that Education is the only elixir through which we can end the evil that creates such harmful environments for children. Only by improving the quality and service of our public institutions such as Government Schools can we uplift the life and living standards of these children. As a community, with a neighbourhood approach, we must all strive to improve our public institutions so that they are at par with high profile private institutions.

At Payanmaram, our target is to raise the standards in every community, so that they can take care of their own needs, taking help from neighbouring communities if needed, without having to compromise on their dignity and worth.

We are a very young organization, but one with a lot of hope and intent. We intend to network extensively with other organizations experienced in various fields - to complement and help improve the situation of children through their work and ours.

A few hours of yourself can help a child read better, do better and may be even give her the knowledge to save herself from a life ending threat..

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