Mystery Doug Videos

Mystery Doug is a school teacher who answers kids' questions,

in fun videos, about 4-6 minutes each. Questions about animals here.

Mystery Doug Live from Home

This is a special longer video ( 22 min) where you can see Mystery Doug at home with his daughters during the coronavirus pandemic. They sent questions to an astronaut who was on the International Space Station.

Mysteries about how things are made

Mysteries about Space

Mysteries about People

Have you ever wondered what makes a rainbow?


  • What is a prism?

  • What is the clever thing that Isaac Newton did when he was studying light?

  • Can you make a rainbow without rain? How?

Why do you think people from all over the world have stories about dragons?


  • What are reptile bones fossils?

  • Can you explain the difference between flying and gliding?

  • What does the bombardier beetle do to attack other animals?