NASA is the part of the USA government that sends rockets and astronauts to space. The full name is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Space Place is the children's section.

ESA is the European Space Agency.

They have a children's section too, with a friendly alien named Paxi.

There are many more topics, including games and crafts.

What are Dwarf Planets?

A Google Slides Presentation by Susan Baylies

National Geographic has a series of great videos about each of the planets, and other things in our solar system.

Nickelodeon sent a slime experiment to the International Space Station. What happens to slime in micro-gravity?

StoryBots in Outer Space & Dinosaurs

The first half of this 15 minute video has fun songs that teach about the planets, and the second half has dinosaurs rapping.

NASA will send a woman and a man to the moon by 2024.