Phonics Charts

Printable pdf Files by Susan Baylies of the Vowel Sounds in English

Here are some sentences to help remember the short and long vowel sounds.

There are also some other vowel sounds besides Short and Long, and I have made charts for them too.

cats get in hot sun

Short vowels are in many short words, or as parts of longer words when there is only one vowel in between consonants.

Long vowels sound like the name of the letter. There are often two vowels together to make a long vowel sound. Another common pattern is when a silent e is at the end of a word, it can change the single vowel from short to long: mat + e = mate

PDF Files of my Vowel Sound Word Charts which you may download for free

All the vowels in the same color on a page have the same sound.

The word charts will help children learn to read.

Short Vowel Sounds

Click image in upper right corner to open the pdf file, which you may print.

short vowel memory sentence.pdf
short a.pdf
short e.pdf
short i.pdf
short o.pdf
short u.pdf

Long Vowel Sounds

long vowel memory sentence.pdf

This page shows the many different spellings for long vowel sounds.

long a.pdf
long e.pdf
long i.pdf
long o.pdf
long u.pdf

Other Vowel Sounds

a sound between short o and short u.pdf
Words Ending in Y.pdf