Other Resources Online

Starfall apps and Easy Reader Books by Clark Ness

Readers of All Levels of Can Find Quizlet Helpful

Quizlet is an educational site used all over the world. It is a great way to learn new vocabulary and it is fun! Try the Match game.

For Beginners, look in the folder ESL, and the folder Vowel Sounds

You can make your own sets with a free account, or make a folder to save other people's sets.

Find my Quizlet Home Page by searching for sbaylies or click here

For Intermediate and Advanced English Learners

LearnersDictionary.com has easy to understand definitions.

Newsela.com tells news stories of interest to children.

Each story is written in 5 different levels of English. Click on the word Max ( which is the highest level) and each lower number will change the story to tell it in easier English. Make a free account with your e-mail address to read all the stories.

Pictures, text, and videos of all kinds of animals. National Geographic is a really fun website where kids can learn about animals and many other things in our world.