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Learn about Day, Night, and the Seasons

The European Space Agency, EESA made these videos with the friendly alien they call Paxi.

The 7 Continents

The 5 Big Oceans 

A Song to Learn the 5 Oceans

in size order from biggest to smallest

Learn More About the 5 Oceans

The 10 Biggest Countries in the World in Land Size

What is the Equator?

The Equator is an imaginary line that goes around the middle of earth, dividing it into two equal parts called hemispheres. Hemi means half, and sphere means a perfect ball shape. 

The top half of earth is called the Northern Hemishpere, and the bottom half is called the Southern Hemisphere. 

Which hemisphere do you live in?

More Land and Countries are in the Northern Hemisphere

This map shows which countries are on the equator. It does not show Antarctica, but if you added that to the map you could see the equator is in the middle.