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All teachers offer weekly tutoring before and after school. 


Counselors will meet with each 9th grader one on one at the start of November. Check out the Freshman Handout with lots of need-to-know info. 

New Student Orientation Presentation 2022-2023

You can now start logging your service hours!

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All 10th graders will take the
Pre-ACT and PSAT in October. You can use these scores to prepare for taking the
"real thing" next year.

Check out the Summer Opportunities page.

Remember to log your service hours!


Check out the College Planning tab for lots of helpful info to get started on your college search!

Remember, ALL juniors will take the ACT for free on
Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 here at Page. 

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Check out the latest
SENIOR BULLETIN and the College Info Night presentation from 9/2023.

Counselors will meet with all seniors one on one at the end of September to review transcripts and remaining graduation requirements. 

All seniors are invited to schedule their SENIOR CONFERENCE, especially if they need a letter of recommendation.

Visit the College Planning tab for application tips, scholarship ideas, and important dates and deadlines!