Volunteering at Pacific Primate Sanctuary  

Pacific Primate Sanctuary is a federally authorized, nonprofit, wildlife conservation organization, run entirely by volunteers. Thank you so much for your interest in helping us care for the animals and their home! 

Since 1984, the Sanctuary has rescued distressed and endangered monkeys. We provide a safe haven for very small, tree dwelling New World primates rescued from laboratories, the pet trade, and tourist attractions. They are housed socially, in naturalistic habitats and are not on exhibit. We care for them unobtrusively, with the minimum amount of human contact since that is in their best interest if they are ever to return to their native forests. 

The monkeys depend upon the support of volunteers and financial contributions from the public for their daily survival. Experienced Sanctuary staff train new animal caregiver volunteers until they are able to independently take over an AM Shift (7:00 AM to 1:00 PM) and/or a PM Shift (3:00PM to 6:00 PM).  The training period is at least 12 sessions and involves an expenditure of staff members’ time and energy.  We request animal care trainees make a one year commitment to volunteering one or more shifts each week.  We also offer Support Staff Volunteer positions for individuals with special skills, or those who are unable to make the year-long commitment.  

Please click the link to the right for a fillable Volunteer Application. Save the application to your computer, fill it out indicating any areas of expertise you have, then save again once it is complete. Please submit the completed application via Email: pps@pacificprimate.org

Thank you for offering your skills, and your love for the animals with whom we share this Earth. We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us in this life saving work.

Volunteers on why they love the Sanctuary:

"I have been a volunteer at the Pacific Primate Sanctuary for about five years and have learned many things from teamwork, patience, animal care, behavior, and a bit of medical emergency care training. Although I volunteer once a week the monkeys are a huge part of my life; every Thursday I can't wait to go in and see all of their faces and observe their quirky behaviors. I am in every way grateful to the Sanctuary staff (and of course the monkeys) for welcoming me into their home and teaching me valuable lessons that I can take with me wherever I go."  -Druanne

"I chose to volunteer at PPS because I think they are a very special organization. I've only been here for a month, so I'm just getting to know the monkeys. It's a beautiful spot on Maui filled with fruiting trees and a garden - all of this along with other interns and volunteers who are amazing." -Michelle 

"The Sanctuary has been such a special and important part of our lives… and we feel very blessed, honored and humbled by the experience…. To the monkeys, we say “Thank you for the incredible beings you are, for the joy you have brought to our lives, and for all you have taught us!”  -Anne and Morgan

"I chose to volunteer at the Pacific Primate Sanctuary, Inc. because like my fellow volunteers and interns, everything we do at the sanctuary is in the interest of the monkeys. The primates we care for are not exploited, and are treated with the upmost respect."  -Ela

"My son and I are proud to be volunteering at this special place. The staff is brilliant and kind. Every creature is treated with respect and nurtured. They are highly organized and provide a unique home for the monkeys." -Susie and Ross

"This all-volunteer nonprofit has achieved so much in regards to the rehabilitation and enrichment of the lives of the monkeys here at the Pacific Primate Sanctuary. It is important to advocate for those who can not speak for themselves! Every soul deserves a life away from torture, harm, and pain. Pacific Primate Sanctuary offers a home to monkeys deserve the proper love and care that they maybe haven't seen earlier in life. PPS Interns and volunteers provide the best possible care for these monkeys! Always keeping the monkeys' health and happiness in mind. I enjoy offering my time to such a great unique cause!" -Tara 

"I have volunteered for the Pacific Primate Sanctuary for the last seven years, and have seen first-hand what a model non-profit this organization is. Everyone at the sanctuary's sole focus is to care for and rehabilitate these precious primates."  -Terese

" I came to Pacific Primate Sanctuary to help the monkeys have a better life.  They have since become my teachers  While observing their behavior, I have learned how people should treat each other, in the way they share their food, and just take care of each other."  -Robert

"We are very privileged to have an opportunity to be in the presence of these animals and I thank you for all you do for them and for allowing me to help in what ever way I can. If we all did a little bit to make sure every creature on Earth is cared for, fed, and sheltered… we would live in a far different society, with minimal effort. We only need to change our perceptions to return this world back to its original beauty and live in harmony with our Mother Earth and other creatures. We humans are the ones out of balance." -Will 

Please Note: Pacific Primate Sanctuary is not open for public visitation. Once your application has been processed, and you have been accepted as a Volunteer, we will schedule a time for you to come to the Sanctuary.