Our Facility

"All beings who pass through these doors will never again experience pain at human hands… will never be exhibited or exploited for profit or entertainment or used for medical research. All who volunteer at Pacific Primate Sanctuary will do so in the pure spirit of service, giving from their highest selves without seeking to gain materially or socially. The primates' human caretakers will hold them as equals- and since the monkeys are captive through no choice of their own, will provide them with the care that every being on this earth deserves."

-Lucy Wormser at the Dedication of the Facility, December 2000

Pacific Primate Sanctuary is located in a rainforest region on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii, the only place in America where the climate is similar to the monkeys’ native jungles in South and Central America. Here, they can be out of doors year-round and live among plants related to those in their native forests. We acquired many of these primates from research laboratories, others were rescued from tourist attractions, and some were former pets.

Primate enclosures at PPS are designed to provide as natural an existence as is possible in captivity, and the ability to fulfill the entire range of innate drives. This includes access to outdoor enclosures, natural vegetation, an “enriched” environment, varied and healthy diet, space enough to live freely in social groups. Trained staff consider the specific housing needs of each monkey and customize enclosures to provide well suited and secure habitats. Each enclosure is filled with plants, ropes, branches, shelves, and sleeping cubes. Individuals with poor mobility are provided with ramps and “jungle walkways” suspended by coated wire.

Our facility also features an organic vegetable garden, a lush orchard, and a peaceful palm grove. Dedicated caregivers live on-site to ensure that the monkey's needs are met 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our facility is not open to the public. Please see our Non-Visitation Policy page for more details.