Praise Singers

The Praise Singers are looking for your help! We are resuming practice on January 24th at 6pm here at church. We hold practice about once a week and sing during church about once a month. We sing a variety of music new and old and need your voice even if you think you can’t sing! Please prayerfully consider joining our fun group. We have extra music and a shirt ready for you to enjoy! We are leading newer contemporary music on the second Sunday of each month during our contemporary service. For more information please contact Jeremiah @ 507-525-3257 or or contact another member of the group. Thanks for your consideration.

Director: Jeremiah Schutt


  • Annette Jenkins
  • Janet Schonrock
  • Jeremiah Schutt

The Praise Singers singing at Worship in September.

Pastor Bailey thanking Mrs. Schutt for her years of service in worship music.

Praise Singers Sept. 29th with our new shirts!