For 500 years, the Lutheran Church has held firmly to a strong Christ-centered and Bible-focused confession of our Lord’s great gift of salvation for all men. Learn what we believe, teach and confess here at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior.

Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered together in His Name, He is there present among us. He also proclaimed that He came to our world to serve and not be served. As we gather for worship, we come to rest in our Lord’s grace and be served by the One who is Divine, Jesus Christ our Savior. Check out the times of our services.

We have been blessed with many wonderful musicians at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior. Check out some of the opportunities we have for sharing of your musical talents.

Our heavenly Father desires for all men to repent and turn form the their sins and live. We welcome all to come share in the Lord’s Word with us. Discover the various opportunities that are offered here at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior for you to be engaged in the Scriptures and to strengthen your faith.

When the disciples tried to keep the little children from Jesus, He rebuked them and bid the little ones to come unto Him. We rejoice at the presents of children of all ages in our church. Check out the opportunities for our youth to engage with our Savior.

Follow the above link to find the archive of past worship services (video).