MISSION STATEMENT : Diligence Reaps Rewards


All classroom programmes and curriculum are planned and assessed from New Zealand curriculum and national standards. Our learning programme consists of literacy and numeracy being run in the morning with integrated topics and inquiry in the afternoon. Mentoring programmes are also run throughout the day with literacy and numeracy components of the programme.


Our reading programme includes a variety of reading activities to help stimulate our students and provide a range to help extend those who are competent readers and for students who may need extra assistance. Reading groups are formed and students are grouped according to needs from assessment data. All students have a reading goal which they reflect on weekly.

Reading activities include:

· Shared Reading

· Buddy Reading

· Repeated reading record programme

· Poems and Big Books

· Computer reading programmes

· Daily readers(PM and Journal books)

· Teacher guided reading


One of our school goals is to enjoy writing and become confident writers who understand the purpose of writing and how to communicate using writing.

Our students write daily. Each term we have a writing focus, students also have their own personnel goal for writing which derive from their assessment data which they reflect on regularly.


Our school wide goals for numeracy is to build number knowledge and develop strategies to problem solve in order to be competent, confident and numerate.

Our school wide goal for STRAND is to understand and be aware of how the strands relate to everyday life and use them in a variety of contexts. STRAND consists of Algebra, Statistic, Measurement and geometry.


Our school wide goal is to develop investigative skills, information skills and hands on experience to explore a big question or idea in our inquiry learning. Our whānau(family) kaiako are all involved.

· School camps

· Environmental cluster school trips

· DOC field trips which may include releasing of Kiwi and Whio, Monitoring stoat traps.

· Inquiry learning

· Skiing

· Cultural activities

· Horticulture( growing our own vegetables)

· Mentoring – Personal interest/potential

· The Arts

· Integrated Topics- Science, Technology and social skills


Our school wide goal is to develop physical and social skills by learning in, through and about movement.

· Interschool swimming sports

· Interschool cross country( held here at Orautoha)

· Sports exchanges with other rural schools

· Skiing

· Mentoring

· Classroom P E focus


Music is an integral part of our learning programme.


At present, children in years 7 & 8 are taken by parents to the Technology Centre at Ohakune Primary School. This happens each term one day a week for four weeks.


Our school wide goal is to become confident speakers who use appropriate language structure to deliver clear messages and ideas.

Te Reo me ona Tikanga is respected and valued within our school and classroom environment.

Our Te Reo programme includes:

· Local Place Names

· Marae Protocol

· Karakia

· Greetings

· Kapa Haka

· Legends

· Language structures

Te Reo is immersed in our daily school lives at Orautoha School.


Our school wide goal is to develop self esteem, positive relationships and an understanding of how theirs and others well being is important for health.

We deliver this by/through:

· Promoting personal response

· Puberty

· Team building activities

· Positive role modelling

· Mentoring

· Gardening and environmental education activities