Information for Parents

Diligence Reaps Rewards


Both of our vans arrive from town at 8:45am making this our opening time. We leave school at 2:45pm every day.


At Orautoha School we encourage children to eat the healthier option(s) in their lunch box. We are a water only school which means that water is the only liquid we drink when we are at school or representing our school.


We run two vans from town. Each morning our van leaves our Ohakune bus stop (Ruapehu rugby grounds on Raetihi Road) at 8:15am and we meet up with our other van at our Raetihi bus stop (the main bus stop on Seddon Street, across the road from Doctor Corbetts surgery). We leave our Raetihi bus stop at 8:30am.


We have a travelling uniform available for students and this is kept at school. We use this uniform when our students are representing our school. Everyday wear at school is mufti.


Students have a book to read at home every night and this should be initialed by a parent/caregiver in their homework book or notebook. At times extra practice relating to our in class learning may be sent home to be completed.


We have two stationery lists - one for our junior students (years 0-3) and one for our senior students (years 4-8). Our school office can provide more information when you come to enrol your child.


The school has the services of the Health Nurse, Psychologists, Reading Resource teacher, Speech Therapist, Ear/Eyes specialist, Special Education services and the correspondence School.

The Health nurse and Ear/Eyes specialist visit on a regular basis and all other specialists are available on request.

If you have any other questions or queries please contact Whaea Nessa at school on 06 3854 445

Some of our students pulling their best "duck faces" for the Whio Forever Duck face Competition