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Ohio North Districts and District Officers



What district do I live in?

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The State Referee Administrator (SRA) is responsible for all referee administration activities in Ohio North. The SRA is currently Tom Chapman. The SRA manages the State Referee Committee, coordinates the activities of the State Director of Instruction (SDI) and State Director of Assessment (SDA) plus processes all referee registrations.

  • District Referee Administrators (DRA) are appointed to each district to coordinate local referee registration and other activities.

Referee instruction in Ohio North is managed (coordinated) by the State Director of Instruction (SDI). The SDI is currently Bill Nest. The SDI is responsible for coordinating all USSF certified referee instruction in OHN including entry level referee clinics, re-certification clinics, upgrade clinics and the state level intermediate or advanced clinics held each year.

  • District Directors of Instruction (DDI) are appointed to each district to assist with and who are responsible for coordinating local referee clinics and in-service training.

Referee assessments in Ohio North are managed (coordinated) by the State Director of Assessment (SDA). The SDA is currently Ron Stuver. The SDA is responsible for scheduling all USSF certified referee assessments in OHN.


The OHN referee mentoring program is designed for new referees to get the pre-game, game-side and post-game support, advice and guidance needed to make them better referees. Each district has a Mentoring Coordinator.

Local Referee Associations

There are local referee associations across Ohio North. Although they are not part of Ohio North SRC, they work with the DRA and the DDI in the districts by sponsoring regular meetings for in-service training and district business purposes, sponsor novice clinics and bridge clinics and sponsor annual referee registration. These groups have their own officers, constitutions and memberships. Referees are not required to belong to a referee association but it is strongly advised as a way to interact with other referees.