Upgrade process

Re: Licenses for 2021

Grassroots Referees

From July 2019: Grades 9,8, 7 - Are merged into one license designated as Grassroots Referees. Officials at this level are licensed to pursue and work matches at any amateur level from U9 - adult leagues. Assignors are to use their discretion and referees are encouraged to be ambitious, but realistic about progression to older players or more advanced leagues. Work with mentors, referee coaches, and District Representatives of the State Referee Committee to design a plan that matches your abilities and interests with the matches in your area to continue the best experience possible for you as a referee.

Advancing - Wherever possible, watch matches. Broadcast matches, live matches when possible, but watch games and learn from other referees. Search out local games of higher levels and go see them. Add parts to your game or learn what things might not work so well. Continue conversations with your local District Representatives of the State Referee Committee about your progress and when it's time for you to consider a formal upgrade to a Regional License.

To Upgrade from Grassroots Referee to Regional Referee

Along with meeting the annual in-service hours, there are additional requirements that must be met:

  • Your declaration of intent to upgrade (2022) must be presented to the State Referee Administrator by December 31, 2020.

  • Age: Regional Referees must be at least 18 years of age

  • Previous certification: You must have a minimum of three consecutive years of experience as a Grassroots Referee (or previously been Grade 7 or 8)

  • Game experience: 50 games as a Referee and 25 as an Assistant Referee in local adult amateur level

  • You must have a passing score on the Regional Referee quiz (within US Soccer's Digital Learning Center on in person at a clinic for such purpose administered by the SRC)

  • You must complete the Regional Referee Course (within the DLC) and On-field experience (conducted by local State Referee Committee)

  • You must pass the USSF Physical Fitness Test for Regional Referee

  • Practical evaluations: A minimum of three (3) passing evaluations as a referee. Two (2) at adult amateur level and one (1) at highest youth level (U18 or19) Evaluations must be done by 3 different referee coaches.

Contact the State Referee Administrator for assistance.

To Upgrade from Regional Referee to National Referee

This process is by US Soccer's invitation only. If you hold a Regional License and wish to be considered, your conversations should begin with the State Referee Administrator. For general purposes, requirements for a National License can be found at US Soccer's Referee Program website.