Ohio  North  classes

For New Referees 

Login to US Soccer's Digital Learning Center (DLC). There are multiple webinars scheduled November through April.  *Register for the course/webinar to gain access to the online course materials. 

First: Select the Date and time of the webinar that best fits your schedule and register for the course/webinar.

Second: You will then have access to all four (4) requirements in the Grassroots Referee Course. Complete those requirements listed in the ASSIGNMENTS tab prior to the webinar. When you register and gain access to course materials. You will be able to access the Zoom webinar invitation. you will also have the email addresses of webinar instructors if you have any questions during the process. 

Advanced Referee Courses & Clinics

Advanced Upgrade Clinic

This clinic is used to satisfy the requirements for a referee to upgrade from Grassroots to Regional Referee.  This clinic is scheduled for the summer, usually in late July. Please see the current Upgrade page for the additional requirements to upgrade.

Fitness Tests

Regional Referees and must pass an annual fitness test to register at advanced grades. Because of the requirements for the new fitness tests, they will no longer be held in the local districts. State level referees are expected to attend the fitness test held at the annual Regional Referee Re-Certification clinic unless arrangements have been made with the State Director of Instruction. They are being planned for April, August, and October.

Regional Referee Re-certification Clinic

The State Referee Re-certification Clinic is held each year to provide advanced instruction for State Level Referees. The State Referee re-certification test is given at this meeting. All Regional Referees should make plans to attend the Regional Referee FTS in August. We also offer advanced referee clinic this year. Advancing Grassroots referees are encouraged to attend this clinic and some Grassroots Referees may request to attend if space is available and with recommendation. 

2023 Re-certification

Re-certification is open and courses, by district, are available for registration and completion. 

Futsal in Ohio North

Futsal is played on a hard surface court with a weighted ball. It is an international indoor soccer game and is gaining popularity throughout the United States and Ohio. Persons completing this course will be certified to officiate Futsal tournaments held throughout Ohio and neighboring states.

Referees who desire to become certified to officiate Futsal are required to take the Futsal Referee Course. US Soccer has created new resource material for Fustal Referees and the license. 

Registration fees are not refundable once paid. Please contact -REGISTRAR- with additional processing questions.