About the SRC

About The SRC

 The mission of the Ohio North State Referee Committee is to set policy for Ohio North referee administration, instruction and assessment and hear any disciplinary issues that may arise.

State Referee Committee (SRC) meetings are open sessions. If you wish to address the Committee please contact the State Referee Administrator to  have your name placed on the agenda. State Referee Committee meetings are currently being hosted Zoom.                                                          

Upcoming SRC Meetings

7:30 PM  SRC Planning meeting

Voting members of the SRC:

Non-voting members of the SRC:

Technical Advisor  - Bill Nest OSAN President- John Gyekenyesi

District Referee Administrators

Akron – Rick Hanna Canton - Dave Habib

Cleveland - Tom Lewis Firelands - Alexander Casey 

Mansfield - Rick Hanna Toledo Aaron Wolfe

Youngstown - Christian Freeborough

Manager of Special Programs - Cheri Clifford

Tom Chapman

State Referee Administrator

3872 Norman Avenue NW

Canton OH 44709-2563


(C) 330-243-5055

The State Referee Administrator (SRA) is responsible for oversight of the referee program and administration activities in Ohio North. The SRA is currently Tom Chapman. The SRA manages the State Referee Committee, coordinates the activities of the State Director of Instruction (SDI) and State Director of Assessment (SDA) and the State Assignor Coordinator. He appoints other positions on the State Referee Committee and processes all referee registrations.

The State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) is responsible for youth referees within Ohio North. Referees who've not yet reached their 18th birthday are nor required to pass a NCSI background check or complete the US Safe Sport certification. The SYRA, Michael Farmer, assists all youth referees with other issues of preparation and readiness for matches. He also leads the selection of referees chosen to represent Ohio North at various Youth Soccer tournaments outside of Ohio North. 

Referee instruction and performance evaluations in Ohio North are managed (coordinated) by the State Director of Instruction (SDI). The SDI is currently Jeff Mellen. The SDI is responsible for coordinating all USSF certified referee instruction in OHN including entry level referee courses, re-certification courses, upgrade clinics and the state level intermediate or advanced clinics held each year. Referee performance evaluations for Regional Referees in Ohio North are managed (coordinated) by the State Director of Assessment (SDA). The SDA is currently Jeff Mellen. The SDA is responsible for scheduling  all USSF performance evaluations for promotions of license. 

State Assignor Coordinator functions as a liaison between The SRC and assignors. All assignors are also independent contractors licensed through Ohio North State Referee Committee and by US Soccer. Questions regarding an assignor, clarifications of assignor functions or interest in becoming an assignor should be directed to the State Assignor Coordinator, Mr. Wayne Wilson.

Within Ohio North, the Technical Advisor serves the State Referee Committee in all matters and topics of referee development and advancement. The Ohio North Technical Advisor is Bill Nest. 

The Manager of Special Programs, Cheri Clifford, oversees projects sponsored by the State Referee Committee for special use by and for referees. These programs may arise as developmental or social. They are typified by administration for US Soccer fitness testing for promotion or referee specific training opportunities offered throughout the year.