site: Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo's Castle (Central Nevada)

Description: Monte Cristo's Castle was the site for the Central Nevada Star Party (discontinued?). While it's out of California, it takes about the same driving time from the Bay Area as GSSP. It offers some of the darkest skies in the contiguous 48 states, and it's "only" within a 6-7 hours drive from the Bay Area. SQM mags of 22.0 are not unusual. It's BLM land, no fee, no permit required. Just leave the site as you found it, as you'd do anywhere else. In winter, check for road conditions (Tioga Pass and the drive in Hwy CA-120 from I-395 to US-6 are usually closed during winter time).

Elevation: 5150 ft.

GPS: 38°02'24.4"N 117°47'42.5"W

Clear Sky Chart: Clear Sky Chart

Owner: BLM

Use Policy: Public Access