Grading Policies

Concerts and Tests 60%

  • Performances and Assessments – since choir is a performance-driven elective, this constitutes a major portion of the students’ grade. Attendance at performances, proper concert etiquette, contribution to the discussion leading up to and coming away from a performance are all taken into account for this grade. If a student is to miss a performance, a major assignment will be given and due within one week of the missed performance.
  • Tests – written tests consist of choral vocabulary, hand sign recognition, music theory, music history, and questions pertaining to these and similar subjects. Listening, sightreading, and part-singing tests will also be included at the appropriate time.

Weekly Participation 40%

  • Classroom Participation – having all necessary supplies, attentiveness, proper posture and singing technique, participation in classroom discussion
  • Attendance at Extra-Rehearsals – there will be minimal outside rehearsals, but those that are scheduled far in advance for each choir are MANDATORY for all choir members. Make-up assignments may be given if a student misses a rehearsal.
  • Quizzes – sing-backs, pop-quizzes, sightreading assessments
  • Parent signature forms turned in by the proper due date