Concert Etiquette

A large part of a student's and their family's choral education is learning about proper Concert Audience Etiquette. Proper audience etiquette is expected and practiced at all of our concerts, and is a portion of the students' Major Concert Grade. Please adhere to the following guidelines when in attendance at our choir concerts.

  • Please silence your cell phones and electronic devices.
  • Please remain seated for the duration of the concert.
  • Stay and listen to all groups on the concert.
  • Please hold applause between movements and until director lowers hands.
  • If you bring small children to a concert, please sit near the aisle and exit quickly if the need arises. (re-enter only during applause)
  • If you must leave, please wait for the applause, then use the rear exit.
  • Please do not walk in front of or past a choir while it is performing.
  • Leave all food and drink outside of the performing venue.
  • Men should remove hats or caps.
  • Remind young ones that going to a concert is different than going to a movie or football game (no roaming around, no whistling, no yelling, etc.) Children should remain seated with their parents or guardians.
  • Please do not talk on your cell phone during a concert and keep any comments to a quiet whisper between performances.