Choir Officers

Toward the beginning of the school year, choir members will have the opportunity to apply for Choir Officer positions. Choir Officers will be expected to go above and beyond the regular activities and responsibilities of the average choir member. They will be expected to attend Choir Officer meetings set by the director, and will be called on throughout the school year to help prepare for and assist in all activities. Any time spent (outside of class time) in helping to manage events or choir program tasks (ie. Equipment setup for concerts, library work, etc.) can be counted toward Northland Student Service Hours. Students must keep track of these hours and bring the service hours form to Mrs. Luedecke to sign.

See the bottom of this page for descriptions of all of the positions to be voted on in the officer elections.

Elections will be held on Monday, August 19 or 20 during class. Students may stand and give a brief candidacy speech in front of the class on the day of elections. Students may NOT hang signs, hand out candy or do anything in addition to this speech.

Must be submitted by Sunday, August 18

Must be submitted by Monday, August 19

Northland Choir Officer Elections

Each school year officers are nominated and elected to provide leadership and assist with the operations of the Northland Christian School choral program. To be considered for a position, you must first submit the application on the choir website (click on above link).

Mrs. Luedecke will read through the submissions and choose the students that will be on the ballot. The nominees will be presented to the choir during class, and a class vote will be taken.

General Responsibilities As representatives of the NCS choirs, officers must be students of strong character, a high sense of responsibility, and a commitment to excellence in all that they do. They must be committed to the success of the choirs at Northland and work to actively encourage and involve those around them. Should a student not follow through on their commitments as a choir officer, he/she may be removed from office at the director’s discretion.

  1. President/VP — Help cast the vision for the choir, organize activities outside of class, and assist in day-to-day operations of the choral program; coordinate and preside over regular officer meetings; must be a strong role model, self-motivated, and committed to making the choir experience the best it can be. The second place vote-getter will be named Vice President. The two will work closely together with Mrs. Luedecke.
  2. Librarian — Process and label new music, catalogue old music, keep the choral library organized and neat, maintain the database of the music in the choral library, ensures all students have copies of music and that all music and uniforms are returned at the end of the year.
  3. Secretary — Maintains records and calendar of meetings, keeps notes during officer meetings and distributes the notes to the other officers and choir director in a timely fashion; responsible for taking attendance for class and for rehearsals/performances outside of class time; assist in the collection and recording of paperwork/forms.
  4. Chaplain - Plans and coordinates worship/devotional times (generally Mondays or Fridays - a 10 minute session). Feels comfortable to put together devotionals, but also seeks to delegate this responsibility to others in the class. Will find music (1-2 songs) each week to sing to go along with the class devotional. Takes over the general prayer requests, communicating with Mrs. Luedecke anything that needs urgent prayer among student needs. Should feel comfortable praying in front of others.
  5. Historian — Responsible for taking and collecting photos/videos of all choir activities; will communicate with the school yearbook (Mrs. Stork), morning announcements, and school website news coordinator (Mrs. Purcell) about performance dates and submit photos for the choir yearbook pages and school website.
  6. A/V & Equipment — Will assist the director and coordinate the transport, setting up, and tearing down of musical, audio/video, and stage equipment for all choir rehearsals, performances and competitions. This is an appointed position, elections will not include this role.