Above & Beyond

TPSMEA Region and All-State Choirs:

All Choir students are encouraged to audition for the TPSMEA Choir, a prestigious choir which involves an audition in Sept/Oct timeframe, and is culminated in weekend clinics and concerts in November (gr. 6-8), January (gr. 9-12). Minimal class time is spent on preparation for this audition and outside practice is necessary for better individual preparation. Extra fees may apply.

TPSMEA Solo & Ensemble

The Solo/Ensemble Contest is a very prestigious contest that all students should take part in at some point in their Northland Choir experience (grades 7-12). This event provides students an opportunity to learn a song from the UIL Prescribed Music List, memorize it, and perform it for an appointed judge. The judge gives a rating to the student based on musicality, interpretation, knowledge of the song, memorization, vocal technique, etc. This contest is held in the spring semester for all students 6th – 12th grade. Extra contest and accompanying fees apply.

The members of Vocal Point are required to participate in one or both of the Solo & Ensemble or Region choir auditions, and some class time will be spent preparing the music for both contests.

TPSMEA or TAPPS Concert & Sightreading Contest

In the springtime, the Chorale will participate in this contest.

Social Events

Throughout the year, we will have various social activities that we invite any and all choir members to participate in. Students do not need to be eligible to participate in these outside activities.