Terrexa has our fair share of squirrels. During Spring, Summer, and Fall squirrels tend to roam in and out of our nation. We do the best we can to protect the squirrels from poachers and have worked towards promoting capture and releasing instead of down right killing them. We try our best to welcome the squirrels even though some residential citizens hate them.

House Sparrows are Terrexas most common bird. Its tough to not spot one everyday. House Sparrows aren't even related to the other North American Sparrow birds. House Sparrows can be found in most places around the globe. House Sparrows can be found in patterns of brown, black and white.

Swallows swoop through Terrexa all year round! Swallows have a presence in every continent except for Antarctica. Swallows are most seen in Africa. Swallows hunt and eat most flying insects and worms. Swallows are drawn to Terrexa for our bird feeder!

In the capital of Patrium, we have the National Aquarium which is home to our national pet Casper the Betta. The Betta Fish is also our national animal because of its strength in singularity. The Betta is not native to the Terrexan Area, but is native to Asia and other tropical places.

Blue Jays and Cardinals make an occasional appearance through Terrexa. They don't come through often enough for the Department of Environment to get a picture of, hence the non Terrexan photos to the left. Blue Jays tend to live in the eastern and central parts of the United States of America. Cardinals are found all throughout the Americas.