Terrexa was established in 2011, but officially declared a sovereign state on April 1 2018 by President Lincoln. The road to sovereignty started long before April, 2018. For many years before our independence, our monuments and parks were built and we became a separate entity from the US. We performed experiments, built an Air Force, had public ceremonies and shows, and even had our own holiday's and traditions! Below is our nations history from Pre-Terrexa (even pre-America) to now!

1600s - 1700s

For over 400 years the Native American "Wampanoag Tribe" lived and roamed in the area around Terrexa. The Wampanoag Tribe was one of the largest tribes in New England region of the USA, expanding from South New Hampshire all the way down to Northern Rhode Island and across eastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod. In 1780, settlers established the town surrounding Terrexa. The Wampanoag Tribe is famous in culture for their contributions to the first Thanksgiving and for their Plantation in Plymouth. The Wampanoag Tribe was reduced down to small portions of land in the South Coast of Massachusetts. For more in-depth information about the Wampanoag Tribe CLICK HERE. In honor of The Wampanoag Tribe we have designated 3 sq. meters of land in Terrexa as a "Native Terrexan Reservation".

1800s - 1900

Just behind Terrexa runs one of the oldest roads in the United States of America, Old Connecticut Path. The origins of Old Connecticut Path trace back to the early 1600s when Natives would use the road as a path to travel across now Connecticut and Massachusetts. During the late 1700s the road began to become a horse dominated path with many notable US historical figures traveling on it. During the 1800s the path became extremely notable and became known as a main road in New England. During this time the road became a spot for trading and travel. Many used the road to travel into Boston and used it during interstate travel (when not using train). The road is even included on the Massachusetts and Connecticut list of historic places.

1950s - 1990s

During the early 1950's the main land of Terrexa began to be developed for the building of houses after the end of WWII. This was one of the biggest economic booms in the Untied States history. The Presidents home (in the US) and parts of the Terrexan capital of Patrium were built on the property along with over 60 - 70 other houses around the neighborhood. In the early 1960s the Presidents family purchased the property and house. The Presidents grandparents raised 4 kids in the Terrexan Capital Building. The Presidents family has continued to reside on the property since the purchase of the house about 60 years ago. The Terrexan capital (Patrium) was originally a guest bedroom and then later in the 1970s it became a sitting area. During the 1980s and 1990s the city (then just a room) transitioned into an office space. During the 1980s 34 stones were laid out in the backyard, those stones are now the Blue Path National Park. During the 1990s 300 pounds of sand were brought to a back corner of the property. The sand was brought to be used as a sand pit for children. That area is now the city of Arenso housing the Freedom Tower and other Terrexan icons.

Not the neighborhood Terrexa is located. Just an example of the 1950s building boom.


During the 2000s the land was virtually unchanged. Patrium continued as an office and the backyard was left sitting. The corner with sand had been left abandoned and untouched causing weeds to flourish. A small 0.92 meter patch of land was turned into a vegetable garden with cucumbers, peppers, and especially tomatoes in 2008. The late 2000s brought some of the first Terrexan structures to the city of Arenso.


In 2011 the first Freedom Tower was built in the same spot its in today. Over the course of the 2011-2013 small changes were made in Arenso with more and more bricks getting added each month. In October of 2014, a plan was made to reform and re-organize Patrium (still just an office at this point). The reorganization lasted for 4 months and totally changed the look and feel of the office. Some would say this was one of the most important turning point of our past, if this reorganization didn't happen the idea for a nation may not have been spawned. 2015 gave Terrexa the most snow we've had in a long time covering the ground with 3 feet at the peak. At the end of 2015 we held the first New Years Celebration!

First photo of Arenso (second largest city in Terrexa). Circa 2011, 7 years before Declaration of Independence

This is now our Library and Museum! (Looks a lot cleaner now!)


In March 2016, the first arial shots of Terrexa were taken by the then newly established Air Force. The drone went over 70 ft up and took about 12 photos. 2017 was arguably the one of the biggest years for Terrexa! In April we started with rebuilding and sizing up the Freedom Tower from its previous design. The tower was build 50 brick levels high using about 85 bricks. This was the largest building project of 2017 and probably of our nations recent history. Later in 2017, the idea of becoming an Independent State popped into the mind of President Lincoln. In early November the President chose the name "Aldlyn" for the nation. He went as far as to design the seal and flag of Aldlyn. The flag continued and was slightly changed in late December after the President felt that Aldlyn wasn't the right name for our nation. The nation went unnamed and the project died out for a few months up until the end of February 2018


In February of 2018 the project to become a sovereign state was brought back to life under the name "The Nation of Alabl". Alabl stood for American Land Annexed By Lincoln. After a few weeks the President dropped the name because he felt that it felt incomplete and messy. The next week President Lincoln chose the name "Terrexa" as the permanent name for our sovereign state. The name roughly means "Annexed Land" in Latin. In the month of March the President built up the government by designating departments and writing a constitution. The final drafts of the constitution were written up on the weekend of March 30. On April 1, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence was signed, establishing our nations independence. In the following days and weeks the President restructured and perfected the nation and continues to do so everyday.