Standard Info

Head of State: President Lincoln

Capital: Patrium

Map: Maps Here

Type of Government: Dictorial-Democracy

Time Zone(s): EST +15 mins

Abbreviation: TEX

Currency: Gead

Citizen: Terrexan

Pronunciation: TER-EX-A

Language: English, Latin, Romanian, Langtuca

Motto: For the Benefit of the World

Gead Value of US Dollar: $1.60

Pledge of Allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the government, leaders, and citizens of Terrexa, that I will defend and serve the liberties and duties of citizenship.”

National Anthem: Rise to the Top By Art of Escapism. Listen at the bottom of the page.

Measurement System: Metric

Population: 5

National Animal: Betta Fish

National Bird: Hawk

National Tree: The Bamboo

National Anthem: This Great Nation

National Sport: Speed Limit 5


Caucasian: 100%

Women 60%

Men 40%

Age 0-18: 20%

Age 19-30: 20%

Age 31-50: 0%

Age 50-70: 40%

Age 71+: 20%