Head of State: President Lincoln

Chancellor: Supreme Leader Lincoln (when the President occupies both the presidency and chancellorship he is given the title "Supreme Leader" though it is rarely used outside of the constitution).

Type of Government: Dictorial-Republic

Capital: Patrium

Currency: Gead, equivalent to $1.60 USD

​Established: July 5, 2011

Officially Declared Independent: April 1, 2017

Citizenship: By birth, by descendant, by application, dual citizenship is recognized.

Conventional long form: Nation of Terrexa

Conventional short form: Terrexa

Abbreviation: TEX or TRXA

Pronunciation: TER-EX-A

Time Zone(s): UTC +5 hour 15 mins

Press Censorship: None

Pledge of Allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the government, leaders, and citizens of Terrexa, that I will defend and serve the liberties and duties of citizenship.”

National Anthem: Rise to the Top (listen to the right)

Etymology: The name Terrexa is derived from the latin words terra and annexa meaning annexed land, feminized to Terrexa.




Caucasian: 100%

Women 60%

Men 40%

Age 0-18: 20%

Age 19-30: 20%

Age 31-50: 0%

Age 50-70: 40%

Age 71+: 20%

Nationality: Terrexan

Religion(s): No official religions, but majority of citizens are Christian.

Language: English

Literacy Rate: 100%


National Days: April 1 (Independence Day) and the first Tuesday of July (Terrexa Day) Holiday List Here!

Measurement System: Metric

Official Calendar: Gregorian

National Symbol(s): Terrexan Star

National Colors: Light Blue, Red, and White

National Animal: Betta Fish

National Bird: Hawk

National Tree: Bamboo

National Instrument: Kazoo


Location: North America, surrounded by the United States, Massachusetts specifically.

Area: 0.44 acres

Terrain: Flat

Map: Maps Here


Climate: Temperate

Natural Hazards: Hurricanes, Tornados, Earth Quakes

Coastline: ​Terrexa is landlocked

Bodies of Water: Terrexa is home to no natural bodies of water, but there is a man made miniature river outside of its second largest city, Arenso.


Airforce: Yes

Airforce Size: Two Drones

Navy: Yes, although never deployed.

Navy Size: One raft in reserve.

Army: Yes

Army Size: Two men, one woman

Nation Guard: Yes, in form of the Terrexan Disaster Services (TDS), more info here.

Military Spending: 0% of GDP



Exports: Flags, rocks, paintings, clay sculptures, sand.

Imports: Everything not listed above including the tools used to make or get the above items.

Exchange Rate: 1 Gead = $1.60 USD

Inflation Rate: 2.54%

Unemployment Rate: 0%