Is Terrexa a Real Nation?

Yes, since the Declaration of Independence was signed in 2018 we have been a sovereign state. Although we are not recognized by a larger power, we are still a legitimate nation. Being recognized is not a requirement of the 1933 Montevideo Treaty, but being capable of diplomatic relations is, which we are capable of.

Is it legal?

Their is currently no law in the United States which restricts us from leading our own nation. The 1933 Montevideo Convention outlined the requirements a nation needs truly to be a sovereign state, which we meet.

Does your land actually exist?

Yes it does. We declared about 0.44 acres of land from the United States. Although we are very small we try and make the most of our land!

How do I become a citizen?

You simply fill out the Citizenship Application form and wait!

Why does citizenship cost money?

Well it doesn't. But we do ask the you to donate $2 at least since we never collect any tax!

Since I'm a citizen, can I move to Terrexa?

NO! Citizenship with residences is not available. Terrexa is way to small for someone to live in!

Why aren’t we on a map?

We are not currently recognized by a larger power, so we aren't on any international maps. We are on our own maps though!

Do you hate America?

Absolutely not! In fact its one of our requirements to denounce hatred towards the United States and any other ally.

I am a leader of a micronation, can I have diplomatic relations with Terrexa?

Yes you can! Send President Lincoln a well written email and he should get back to you ASAP. His email is president@nationofterrexa.org

Are Terrexan structures real?

Of course! Some of the monuments you cant actually go into because: A. They're to small, and B. They're probably solid brick.

If you have any other questions send them to questions@nationofterrexa.org