This is the tallest tower in Terrexa standing at about 3.4 Meters (12 feet) tall. It represents the freedoms presented to the citizens of Terrexa. The Freedom Tower is the oldest monument in Terrexa. CLICK HERE for more information and pictures on the Freedom Tower! On December 6, 2018 the former Freedom Tower collapsed and was rebuilt nearly a month later.

Peace Memorial

This monument represents the peace we want to create and promote around the world. The monument also doubles as a memorial to all those who have died because of any acts against peace and especially relating to terrorist attacks around the world.

Stone River

This is the Stone River. This river is 3 feet deep with rocks. Each stone symbolizes a different person since each rock is different from another. This monument expands 20 meters starting in the US and ending in Terrexa.

Chalice Park

Chalice Park was the first park to be declared as a National Park by the Department of Monuments. Chalice Park consists of fake grass and clovers. Its got its name because of its iconic chalice in the middle. Its rumored that some gnomes like to hang out here in the Spring and Summer!


This structure holds all of the nations mint! You can also buy monument, museum, and National Park passes here.

Blue Path

This path runs across 45 meters of our great nation! It represents the path to our future and our goals. It got its name from the band running across our flag representing the path to the future.

The American Flag

Many people wonder why there is a giant American flag in the middle of Patrium. This flag is dedicated and honored to all those who have fought or died for our freedom to run our own country.

The Headless Budah

This monument does not in any way represent a protest of Buddhism or religion in general. Legend has it that a Buddhist monks ghost lived inside of the Buddha statue until the day the head fell off and the spirit escaped and now roams Arenso at night!

National Mueseum

This is the National Museum of Terrexa. It highlights our history and the history of our neighbors to the everywhere, America.

Liberty Bell

This bell represents our liberty and freedoms. The bell rings each holiday and at the beginning of the year the bell rings representing the New Year.

Firefighters Memorial

This statue is in honor of the firefighters in Terrexa and across the world. This monument is also used as a National Park.

National Aquarium

The national Aquarium holds our national pet: Casper the Betta!

Terrexan Post Office

This is the post office of Terrexa. All of the nations mail is sent and received here. All stamps are processed throughout the National Postal Service

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Art Monument

Terrexan Boarder Sign

Peace Granite of Arenso

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Presidential Concave

Cool Rock of Terrexa

Liberty Arch, Formerly Chalice Arch

Native Terrexan Territory. Click Here For More Information

Music Monument

Presidential Bridge

National Duck Collection