Diplomatic Relations

Terrexa has informal diplomatic discussions with many small micronations, while we only have two formal diplomatic relationships. We have formal relations and embassy's with the Aerican Empire, and the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, two fairly well known micronations. In 2018 the Department of Monuments announced that they would be establishing a physical embassy for each formal diplomatic relationship. Both the Aerican Empire and the Grand Duchy of Westarctica will be receiving embassy's in Arenso, Terrexa. Terrexa is also a member of the North Western Alliance, a micronational organization of 17 prestigious nations. Terrexa has an open diplomatic policy and welcomes other micronational leaders to contact the president by way of email at president@nationofterrexa.org to establish diplomatic relations.

Embassy's of Terrexa!

Westarctica - 2018

Rabistan - 2018

Aerican Empire - 2018