May 3, 2018

Alanland V. Terrexa

Earlier this afternoon, Prime Minister Alan Coffin, leader of the Kingdom of Alanland threatened to declare war on Terrexa after President Lincoln warned him of his “rude” and “disrespectful” behavior to another intermicronational leader. The Office of President released the following statement regarding the conflict:

“Today President Lincoln received a threatening and demeaning message from Mr. Alan Coffin after the President imposed sanctions upon Alanland following rude and disrespectful comments made to other micronational leaders by Prime Minister Alan Coffin. The President takes threats of conflict and war seriously and is working with the Army, Air Force, Navy, and the TDS to ensure the safety and security of Terrexa. The President has spoken to our allies and has been ensured that our relationships are stronger than ever. The President has also dismissed claims by Mr. Coffin regarding the status of Terrexas relationship with the Aerican Empire. The President will speak and take questions tomorrow [Today] in front of the press.”

Alan Coffin informed the LoMN of the conflict in a statement calling Terrexa a “puny democracy” and also called President Lincoln “puny”. The Ziar will be following this story as it develops.

Down Poor and Wind Brings Down Flag

April 16, 2018

Flag Falling

Sometime during the night the iconic Terrexan flag at the top of the Freedom Tower was blown off. As soon as emergency services were notified TDS responded. A spokesman for the first responders said, "The scene was clean with not broken glass. The flag appeared to be slightly tattered. No one was injured." Later in the morning President Lincoln went to the scene and said the following statement, "I am happy no one was injured but, this highlights a serious issue with our infrastructure. In the following days and weeks I will be looking at methods to ensure this will not happen again." The flag will be re established on the tower by next week.

Gnomes Stage Ruckus at Terrexan Boarder

April 16, 2018

Gnome Lives Matter

Earlier this morning a small group of about 15 gnomes staged a protest blocking up the Terrexan boarder. This is the first outcry made by the gnome community wishing for gnomes to be seen as equals to humans by the government. Since the establishment of Terrexa, gnomes have not been allowed to apply or become citizens even though they have made humungous cultural impact. The gnomes say this shakeup is just the beginning and this movement will not stop until equality is given. The fuss did not cause much issues for the Terrexan government, closing the boarder for about an hour. The President has not yet commented on the movement.

Flag Raised on Freedom Tower!

April 6, 2018

Highest Flag in the Land

Yesterday afternoon the Terrexan Department of Monuments raised the flag of Terrexa on top of the Freedom Tower. Since the first Freedom Tower was built in 2011 the American Flag has flown on the top of the tower. Late last week the US flag was taken down from the tower in anticipation for the Declaration of Independence by the President on Sunday. The raising of the Terrexan flag represents our separation and freedom from the United States. Long live Terrexa!

Boarders Have Been Set!

April 2, 2018

Boarder between US and Terrexa

Defined Boarders

Earlier this evening the Department of Security stuck wooden skewers in the ground and drew out the boarders. Later in the day once a map was drawn, officials went out and stuck in flags displaying the direction of the United States and The Nation of Terrexa. They also later replaced some of the wooden skewers with golden wood chips enforced into the ground. In coming days and weeks the Department of Security will be upgrading boarder definition technology and hopefully switching to environmental safe lawn paint. Like always the Ziar will be covering this ongoing project!