Steve Gnome (2012-2016)

Steve Gnome was an American actor and television host who presided in Terrexa. Steve hosted the "Rockin Gnome Show" from 2012-2013. Steve shifted his expertise to comedy acting in 2014 after starting the "Steve Gnome Show". The Steve Gnome Show lasted until late 2015 when Steve retired from TV. Steve stared his own Gnomes only radio station and helped produce many films relating to Gnomes. While Steve was enjoying retirement, on August 1, 2016 Steve tragically fell to his death. His funeral was held in later weeks.

I AM NOT A DUCK (2011-Present)

I AM NOT A DUCK is a Terrexan actor and producer. I AM NOT A DUCK started in 2011 when he starred in his self titled sitcom "I AM NOT A DUCK". I AM NOT A DUCK ended his show after a season and worked with his good friend Steve Gnome on many of his own projects. I AM NOT A DUCK currently resides somewhere in Terrexa.