Who wouldn't love to live a life like a beautiful, flourishing garden? A flourishing garden needs sustainable soil management, removing weeds on a continual basis. It also needs you to plant the seeds, flowers and trees; nourish them to give you the flowers, vegetables and fruits that you desire. Wellth is the garden of life based on the fusion of Yoga for holistic wellbeing, Managing Stress and Being Happier. While succinctly presenting the basis, we emphasize 'how to’ because results can be experienced only with practice. The practices are based on a fusion of modern scientific research and ancient wisdom. They are powerful, yet simple enough to be easily practiced and folded into modern life style.

The four petaled flower symbolizes Wellth. You are the center and the four petals are

  • Yoga for good health and holistic wellbeing

  • Stress Management to weed-out chronic stress and harmful, toxic emotions

  • Being Happier Based on Positive Psychology to flourish and manifest your dreams

  • Practice to actually experience the benefits

We offer experiential programs to serve as ‘primers’ to Wellth . The programs are called 'primers' because they provide the opportunity to begin exploring and experiencing the benefits. To live a life worth living, you need to adopt a set of practices that best suit you and build the requisite skills. Wellth is a lifelong pursuit. Once you begin the journey, you could progress in your own unique ways to sculpt your personality and craft your life.