Careers at Mosaic Academy

Mosaic Academy is currently looking for

  • Occupational Therapy for up to five hours per week

  • Social Worker for up to five hours per week

Licensed Staff Application

Fillable LicensedApplication.pdf

Non-Certified Application

Fillable Business Manager LicensedApplication.pdf

Licensure Links

San Juan College Alternative Licensure program:

NM Public Education Department:

**See “FAQ” for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

**See “Licensure Pathways” link for information about requirements for various types of licenses

Mosaic Academy is currently hiring for Substitute Teachers

Complete the process in five short steps!!

  1. Start Here to review the requirements from the state NMPED Sub License

  2. Stop by or call the office to discuss the superintendent verification form 505-334-6364 (ask for Amanda).

  3. Complete the sub class on Canvas (see below)

  4. Complete your background check using the ORI number provided by the school.

  5. Complete the site specific paperwork.

Sub Guide for Class.pdf

Considering Becoming a Teacher?

If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can apply and complete a program like the one linked in the picture above.

PED Licensure

Any questions about licensure can be found at the link above (click the picture).