Updates from Mosaic

🤓Drop off and Pick up Details😎

➡️The gate will open at 7:30am on school days. Do not wait in the turning lane.

➡️Follow the lanes that lead to the gym building (two big garage doors) and students will be dropped off there. **DO NOT STOP in front of the main building to drop students off. This creates an unsafe environment for everyone. 

➡️Students that ride buses will be dropped off at Park Avenue and Koogler (elementary/secondary) and then shuttled to Mosaic.

➡️ SCHOOL STARTS @ 7:55am Mon-Fri.

⬅️ SCHOOL DISMISSES Mon-Fri @ 2:55pm. We will not open the gate until the bus enters @2:45pm.

DO NOT PARK IN THE TURNING LANE‼️ This is for the safety of everyone. Aztec PD will be ticketing for this offense. PICKUP for parents will not begin until 2:55.

⬅️ The shuttle bus will take Boys and Girls Club students to Park Avenue Elementary.

Drop off and Pick Up