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Welcome to Mosaic Health Services!  Here you can find forms and more information about medications, immunizations, and other concerns, the school nurse Sharlee Ashley, RN can be contacted at 


The state of New Mexico requires immunizations for enrollment into school. Documentation of required immunizations must be provided before enrollment or an annual NMDOH approved immunization exemption certificate is required for enrollment.  You may be able to look up your child's immunizations online if they received them in the state of New Mexico at Vax View DOH 

Immunization Requirements 2024-2025

NM Immunization Requirements 24-25.pdf

Immunization Exemption

NM Immunization Exemption 23.pdf


All medications that are to be administered during school hours must be stored and administered by the school nurse unless the student has self-carry orders from the physician for emergency medications.

 All medications must be brought to the nurse in original pharmacy packaging or unopened box and should not expire through the end of the school year. 

Prescription medications must have physicians orders and Over the Counter (OTC) medications are limited to ibuprofen or acetaminophen. OTC medications may require orders from a physician at the discretion of the school nurse. Allergy or asthma medication orders are within the action plan and do not require additional forms. Contact the school nurse for questions or more information.

OTC Medication Form

OTC Medication.docx

Prescription Medication Form

RX Medicaiton Authorization.docx

Allergy Action Plan


Asthma Action Plan

ASTHMA ACTION PLAN for Schools June 2015.pdf