Mosaic Academy

Public Charter School

Hands-on Learning

Students use their problem solving skills to learn about their world. 

Multi-age setting

Our model allows for students to engage and learn from each other (K-8th).


  In the technological world we live in, we encourage and foster the use of technology in our one-to-one model of student to laptop.

Mosaic Academy by the numbers and features

Mosaic One Pager

What does hands on learning look like? Sound like? Let's DIVE in... 

Mosaic Code of Conduct (4).pdf

Building students up with DO statements.

Based in a set of important philosophy.

Building bonds in a multi-age setting is what makes our charter school unique.  We strive to promote a family atmosphere where everyone can find their group.

What is a Charter school?

Each charter school follows a unique charter (set of governing rules). 

Mosaic Academy is a public, district-authorized charter school in Aztec, New Mexico.  There is NO fee to attend our school.  The entry process includes: 

Mosaic accepts applications from students in Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, Kirtland, and other local New Mexico areas.  Charter schools like Mosaic are bound by their  charter (set of rules and differences from the traditional educational setting) to their authorizer - in our case Aztec District.  Mosaic's charter is an extensive document which outlines many differences, among them are our multi-age setting, hands-on learning, and authentic literacy model Four Blocks for Education. 

We receive public funding (tax dollars) which means that we are bound to do certain things like state testing.  The Governing Council, traditionally a school board, is responsible for monitoring the fiscal health of our school and hiring the principal/director.

The facilities are funded through lease reimbursement. This means the school spends money up front and waits for the state to reimburse the cost of a PORTION of the facility. This means the school is responsible for fundraising a large portion of the cost OR completing a capital campaign. 

Friends of Mosaic is our non-profit entity that supports us as we work to fund our facility.