MGB Seat Hinge Covers

MGB Seat Hinge Cover, One Set, Right and Left, $39
Includes Worldwide Shipping

MGB Seat Hinge Cover, Right / US Passenger Side, $22
Includes Worldwide Shipping

MGB Seat Hinge Cover, Left / US Drivers Side, $22
Includes Worldwide Shipping

The Seat Hinge Covers are 3D printed using PETG, a strong, higher temperature plastic which will stand up to an automotive interior environment.

  • A set of clips includes 2 Seat Hinge Covers. One for the left seat and one for the right seat.

  • Can also be purchased individually.

  • Pricing includes worldwide shipping .

  • I provide a tracking number with all orders.

  • All my product carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cover attached to seat hinge. Cover protects carp edge

Original part on the left, 3D printed cover on the right

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